(We stir, we stir, we stir)

A fire is burning in the deepest of woods Brewing up disaster.

(We stir, we stir, we stir)

A bubbling cauldron of our sins. Saltwater rising, inch by inch. Acidic foam crawling up to us.

(We stir, we stir, we stir)

The steam collects in our lungs Poisoning some and many burn. Meanwhile the rest are suffocating.

(We stir, we stir, we stir)
We stir the cauldron that brews Ragnarok.

Blood of Gaia, Ancient Forests
Fuel the force of mass destruction. Smoke fills the snow globe.
Gluttony creates waste of our slavery.

Sacrificial ritual of greed for consumption. More than we need, more than gods can give.

Pierce the earth and plead for glory
On and on recite the calling
Only Death will hear.
Soon, he will answer and give all that he could.

Not us will rule but Death’s mass extinction.

Too much
It’s boiling over

We will drown
The cauldron will melt Spilling our
Extinguish the flame
No more sacrifice to make When there’s
Nothing left

But still there’s hope
In the sunbeams on our heads
In the wind, the water’s eternal flow

We don’t have to beg the gods to kill for our greed In the end we can see they gave all that we could need.