Coven Call - Symphonic Metal

Here, demons are summoned and overcome, cauldrons filled and emptied, curses cast and broken, the banshee scream is heard and salvation is found.
But most importantly, we do music around here!
We are Coven Call: the young symphonic metal quintet that first saw the moonlight in Febuary of 2022. The band is made up by siren Linda Hennen, keyhammer Jason Merse, riffweaver Joel Hösterey, summoner of the depths Yves Vogl and drumdruid Moritz Bleif. Stylistically comparable to generically related bands like Nightwish and Epica, but likewise influenced by melodeath bands like Gojira and Arch Enemy, as well as multiple movie composers and more extreme forms of music, we offer a new mixture for metalfans of all colours, shapes and sizes.

Coven Call Band Photo
Linda Hennen

Linda Hennen (Vocals)

A thousand voices rest inside me. From the growl of the beasts to the soft breeze of the wind spirits. But promise, I won't pull sailors to the depths – not on purpose.
My name is Linda Hennen, vocalist for Coven Call. With the guys, it's the farthest I've ever gotten with a band! I'm super exited and looking forward to everything to come.
My first memories of music is me dancing to ACDC with my father – a distant bliss that later gave way to a dark reality, which, for one thing, is subject of many of my lyrics but also the source of a spite that led me to where I am: unimpressed by long travels, high expectations and growning steps out of my comfort zone. But that is what you do, when you feel that you want more, so much, that you believe you need more. And that is how I crave this work with Joel, Jason, Moritz and Yves.
Since being a toddler, my musical influences have changed of course and so, my practice playlist today mostly consists of Nightwish, Epica and Seven Spires.

Joel Hoesterey

Joel Hösterey (Guitar)

The strong hands of a monstrosity are smashing at the strings and are tearing sharp slits into the air. Im told, I don't need an amplifier but nobody can take that from me.
My name is Joel Hösterey and I play guitar for Coven Call. After a few years of abstinence, I finally want to play live again and I'm on pins and needles because we're soon hitting the stages.
Although it is true that I go berserk on my guitars, I can't overcome my obsession with gear: I have a collection of twelve guitars because more wouldn't fit my apartment. Plus, I have a fascination with floor-modeler amps like the Line6 Pod Go or more recently the Line6 HX Stomp. With that I conjure wicked sounds and stompy riffs.
Most of my guitars are Explorer models because one of my biggest idols in guitar playing and music as a whole is James Hetfield from Metallica. Aside from him, I bring a lot of Death Metal influence to Coven Call, inspired by bands like Gojira, LIK and Orbit Culture.

Jason Merse

Jason Merse (Keys)

An inconspicuous being in one moment, and in the next a creature that splits it's form in many in no time and faces the world with epic sonority. A soft piano melody in one moment and in the next the big bad orchestra.
My name is Jason Merse, I'm the keyboardist for Coven Call. For the first time, I'm in a band writing songs. Coven Call is a great motivation to learn orchestration and songwriting and without it, I wouldn't be so concerned with it. The more songs we write, the more we can play live and become famous together.
I was eight years old when I first started to learn piano and keyboard in a musical school. later on, I taught most stuff to myself.
The influences that inspire my parts in Coven Call of course often times come from classical music and movie scores but likewise 80's Progrock like Genesis, Folkmetal like Korpiklaani, Powermetal like Rhapsody of Fire and of course Symphonic Metal like Nightwish and Fleshgod Apocalypse play a big role.

Moritz Bleif

Moritz Bleif (Drums)

Drums in the deep! Often brutal and loud like cave trolls, sometimes delicate and soft like woodelves.
I am Moritz Bleif and I play the drums for Coven Call. I was already active in several (softer) bands but my heart needed the loudness and metal.
I started playing at 13 years old with my main genre being Alternative Rock. My earliest influences include Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, Die Ärzte or even Coldplay. Rammstein and Metallica introduced me to the harder side of music, which I loved. Long Distance Calling has to be up there as one of my favourite influences! In the last years, I fittingly delved deeply into both Nightwish and Amon Amarth. I also have a soft spot for Folk and medieval stuff like Feuerschwanz and Subway to Sally.
Aside thunderous double kickdrum parts this mix results in many non-cliche drum parts for metal, some even got called „funky“.

Yves Vogl

Yves Vogl (Bass)

The ground trembles. Massive wires vibrate, sound waves penetrate the bone and shake guts to the core. Like the rumble of a force of nature approaching.
I'm Yves Vogl, bass player with Coven Call. After a few years in different music projects, I would like to dedicate my heart and soul to a band in which I can develop long-term.
Records, mixtapes and CDs by my father surrounded me growing up, which piled up from his days as a bartender in the 70s. Early musical education was important to him - so at the age of five he gave me Metallica's Kill'em All in my hand to prevent me from going down the wrong path musically. That happened around the time Cliff Burton tragically died.
Over the years I've played in a few bands and projects, gaining experience on stage and in the studio, rarely sticking to one genre: from NWOBH to punk and jazz to gothic rock and late 90's nu-metal. Bands like Type O Negative, Hypocrisy and Machine Head had a special influence on me.


See us live on stage!

Upcoming dates

Date City Location Doors Tickets
24.08.2024 Unna Borne To Be Loud TBA Eintritt frei

Past dates

Date City Location Doors Tickets
25.11.2023 Bochum Rockpalast 17:00 CET VK € 17,- / AK € 20,-
21.10.2023 Maintal-Bischofsheim Kinder- und Jugendhaus Maintal-Bischofsheim 18:00 CET € 12,-
23.09.2023 Bochum Rockpalast 17:00 CET VK/AK 13 €
08.07.2023 Krefeld Fuchs Open Air 16:30 CET
23.06.2023 Dortmund FZW / Youth Brigade Festival 17:00 CET 10 € AK
17.06.2023 Witten WERK°STADT / Metal For Mercy 18:30 CET 8 € VVK, 10 € AK
13.05.2023 Backnang Beats for Freaks (Open Air) 19:30 CET 15 € VVK
22.04.2023 Krefeld Open Air 18:00 CET
16.04.2023 Dortmund FZW 19:00 CET 5 € AK
01.04.2023 Witten WERK°STADT 19:00 CET 10 € AK


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